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   Rosemont Forty Karrots
Guiding Eyes for the Blind is responsible for my deep love and devotion to this wonderful breed.  As a kid, I raised puppies for their Puppy Program, and was honored to attend the graduation of 'Molly'.
For 3 years, I volunteered as an Area Coordinator, helping other families raise pups for the program.  

Now I breed, raise, and train my own Labrador Retrievers, and have had the great fortune (luck?)  to enjoy watching them grow into superb individuals that reflect the basic tenet of the Labrador Retriever Standard: An all-around dog that is first and foremost a wonderful companion.  Additionally, this breed can spend hours hunting, hiking, swimming, or just fetching balls in your backyard.  At the end of the day, they're content to curl at your feet and relax.  

As a participant in local AKC All Breed Clubs, and the Labrador Retriever Club of the Pioneer Valley, I continue to learn and appreciate every facet of their personality.

These dogs are NOT meant to be kept on a chain in your backyard.  They require regular exercise and interaction with the humans in their life. 

To be considered for one of our Labs, please download, complete, and send us the application for potential puppy owner. 

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