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Rosemont Silver Queen, CGC
Gone But Not Forgotten

And Canine Capers Dog Boarding Service
   ~ ROSEMONT SILVER QUEEN ~                         NIBLET
fare thee well, my sweet girl.....see you at the Rainbow Bridge.........
​              14-1/2 years young
           LOVE YOU, Niblet girl!!
Peanut, born April 21, 2006, passed peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge on July 13, 2016 with her Mother, sister, niece, and half brother by her side.
Peanut was the imp of the family, always looking for ways to enliven her and her packmates' day. She will be greatly missed by all of us. Peanut taught me so much about really understanding dog behavior -- always delivered with a sly grin on her face. 
                  Can-CH, UKC-CH 
         Rosemont Cracker Jack CGC
                       ~ Peanut~
Cyder left us at 13 -1/2 years young. She was the one steady countenance I could depend on to stay calm amidst all the doggie chaos.  Her gentle and welcoming spirit is with us still.
   UKC-CH Rosemont Yellow Delicious
Rosemont Petite Cornichone ~ Gherkin. My dear, dear Gherkin. You kept your promise to me; I have kept my promise to you. I still think about your snuggles and insistent nosing for attention. May you enjoy a full and long life as the Queen Bee.
Rosemont Heezallthat ~ Chips. Our beloved Chips left us just 2 months shy of his 14th birthday. Deeply loved by Nancy and dearly missed by his many gardening friends.Every moment with him was an adventure and a joy.