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The dogs featured below are dogs that have been surrendered to me from families no longer able to care for them for one reason or another, or from shelters where they may be put to death for no reason other than over crowding.  Sometimes, it's simply a matter of the dog not getting the attention and exercise it needs to be a well adjusted family member.  Other times, there's been a death in the family, loss of a job, natural disaster, or relocation to other environs. As per NH Dep't of Ag. rules, all dogs offered for adoption are Heart Worm Negative, either by virtue of their young age, or by blood test confirmation. The adoption fee includes DA2PP, (or similar distemper/parvo vaccination) rabies vaccine, bordatella vaccine (kennel cough), interstate health certificate/pre-transport vet visit, spay/neuter (if age appropriate), negative fecal, worming, flea/tick preventative, and micro-chipping.
If you, or any one you know, is interested in learning more about the adoption process or a specific dog, please contact me for more information about the dog and how you can help.  doG Bless, Lisa

Paws for Thought Inc, makers of the BOOSTER BATH (R) supports Lisa Borst in her quest to save K9 lives and place them in good and loving homes!

For less than 50 cents a day, your new companion can enjoy all the advantages of good health. Call 800-474-7044 today, mention ID Code 63878 or visit  for more information

Hi Lisa! Well tomorrow will make one year since we brought our little Mocha home. She was timid and a little shy at first but with LOTS of love, affection and coaxing her personality has shown through! She is a little firecracker! She has a bit of clown in her as well, she loves to make us laugh!! She has learned a few new tricks since being here too. Very smart little girl and she is a tried an true daddy's girl! She is spoiled rotten and deserves every bit of it. When we first got her, her tail was tucked up under her belly and her head was down, now she holds her head and tail high and almost prances when she is with us. She is so proud to have a loving family to call her own! We just wanted to let you know that we are so thankful to have her, she is a doll! Thanks for the great thing you do by rescuing these dogs and re-homing them. Tracy and Bob, Marlborough, NH​
Hi Lisa, I realize that this is long overdue but I wanted to write and let you know how unbelievably happy I am to have Belle in my life. She is such a treasure; playful, loving, obedient (well, most of the time). I thank my lucky stars that she picked me every time I look into those gorgeous brown eyes of hers. Belle was so shy around strangers when she first came to live with me but, 15 months later you’d never know she was the same dog. It was Belle’s transformation that taught me that even the most apprehensive of pooches can come around with enough love and patience. You’ll be happy to know that Belle has even completed a couple basic obedience sessions and just last week she passed her CGC evaluation alongside her BFF, Angus!!​
I really have to say you could not have made a better choice for me. Marvin is not a dog that someone would have just dropped off at a shelter. He could only have gotten lost and ended up there because this dog is so gentle and well mannered. Some-one spent a lot of time training him and I am sure they are missing him. But I am so happy that he is now part of our family. I don't think any other dog would have fit in as well. That is why I was in no rush to get one as I said the right one will come along and Marvin certainly did. Thank you so much Lisa, it was a pleasure meeting you and hope you can continue to keep up the good works. Sandy
Barney is a stunning Lab-Husky mix. He has a sweet disposition, and enjoys getting hugs and being with his people. His husky personality makes him appear aloof and uninterested. Nothing could be further from the truth! It's his Lab background that really shines!  If you don't know about the husky temperament, this is not your dog.  Barney will do best in a fenced yard, playing with another dog or chasing snow balls. When left alone, he will need to be in a secure pen so as not to go overboard trying to find you.  Barney is fully vetted, and will require a family able to give him plenty of exercise and attention.
Ruby, a female 4 year old Chocolate Lab mix arrived with her brother Riley when her owner had a change in lifestyle and needed to re-home her. Ruby is a wonderful girl- does well with other dogs, is comfortable around children, and settles nicely when in the house. Ruby will need to loose a bit of weight to really show off her beautiful build. Ruby is hoping her family life can begin a-new before the last of the snow has melted.
Mocha was turned into Georgia Animal Control about a year ago. She had been languishing in a kennel ever since then, and now is here- happy to be out of her concrete confinement. She is fully Vetted.
Mocha is a very sweet girl- a bit preoccupied with food, since she is underweight at this point. A healthy nutrient rich diet is changing that, and she has already gained a few pounds. She has plenty of energy to keep up with her new family. Mocha would adore a family to call her very that you?
Riley is an adult Black Lab mix that was recently surrendered to us by his owner. Allergies and a change of lifestyle means Riley has to find a new home. Riley has shown himself to be very friendly, outgoing, great with kids, and calm in the house. He would really like a family again, and is hoping he won't be waiting too long for that to happen.
Rosemary is a female one year old black lab mix that is just about 38 pounds and full grown. There's just the right amount of happy and good manners to make her the perfect companion dog. Rosemary is fully Vetted and ready to begin her life anew with a caring responsible family.