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The dogs featured below are dogs that have been surrendered to me from families no longer able to care for them for one reason or another, or from shelters where they may be put to death for no reason other than over crowding.  Sometimes, it's simply a matter of the dog not getting the attention and exercise it needs to be a well adjusted family member.  Other times, there's been a death in the family, loss of a job, natural disaster, or relocation to other environs. As per NH Dep't of Ag. rules, all dogs offered for adoption are Heart Worm Negative, either by virtue of their young age, or by blood test confirmation. The adoption fee includes DA2PP, (or similar distemper/parvo vaccination) rabies vaccine, bordatella vaccine (kennel cough), interstate health certificate/pre-transport vet visit, spay/neuter (if age appropriate), negative fecal, worming, flea/tick preventative, and micro-chipping.
If you, or any one you know, is interested in learning more about the adoption process or a specific dog, please contact me for more information about the dog and how you can help.  doG Bless, Lisa

Paws for Thought Inc, makers of the BOOSTER BATH (R) supports Lisa Borst in her quest to save K9 lives and place them in good and loving homes!

For less than 50 cents a day, your new companion can enjoy all the advantages of good health. Call 800-474-7044 today, mention ID Code 63878 or click on the link:
Charlotte is a 2 yr old female black lab mix. We're fairly certain there's some greyhound too, as she is long, sleek, lean and fast!  Charlotte will need a home that understands the split personality of a dog that wants to be a couch potato giving and getting hugs some of the time, and run full out with joy the other times. She would excel at Lure Coarsing!! She's quite good on leash and responds wonderfully to the Easy-Walk Harness. Charlotte is fully Vetted. She's very well put together,  sound in all her joints, and has a beautiful expression. Charlotte is good around children and other dogs. 
Hi Lisa,
This is a long overdue thank you for all the wonderful work you do every day to help dogs find their forever homes. We are the family that drove up from RI to adopt Waffles. I'm sending you a few pictures of Calie (formerly Waffles) so you can see what a difference you make in the lives of these animals. Calie is a very good dog and we all love her to pieces. Calie is perfect for us as we like to walk in the woods and she is amazing at being off lease in safe places. Wait until you see the picture of her and my cat together! It took awhile to get these two together, but we are getting there slowly but surely. At any rate I know the work you do is hard but please keep making a difference - you are one amazing lady  Miranda
Sparrow is a 2-3 yr old female black lab mix that was found in a high kill shelter and came to NH seeking a new life. She has lots of energy, and loves to be around people and does great with children too. Sparrow has been fully Vetted, and is a healthy weight. Cats should be avoided, as she gets really excited when she sees them, and wants to play 'chase'.
BRUCE is a one year old neutered male yellow lab mix....likely some Boxer.  He has a joy for life that can't be beat!  His Dad had to give him up because the wife's poor health took priority, and he was just too much for them. Bruce was allowed to get away with quite a bit, so is looking for someone that will teach him the rules and make him stick to them.  He adores other dogs, gets along great with cats, and even does great with children (although very young ones may be overwhelmed by his exuberance!)
Bruce was well taken care of- he is up to date on all his Vetting and very healthy.  
KARL is a 1-2 yr old neutered male lab mix. He and his brother were observed being tossed from a truck along a side road in SC. Someone stopped, picked the 2 dogs up, brought them to a Vet, and saved them from a very unhappy end.  Karl has such a great temperament! He's easy going, gets along with all the other dogs here, and settles nicely in the house.  Why he was ever thrown away like so much garbage is beyond me.......this boy deserves so much better!!
Bosworth is the typical Lab mix-- around 2 years old, and weighs about 60 pounds.He is very energetic, he adores the attention of people, and walks wonderfully on a leash. He is neutered and knows some basic commands. He will sit for his meals and if you have a treat..... and he is extremely good at catching his treats in mid air! He has a bully-type look because of his undershot lower jaw.....but he is a love! Come meet him and see if he's the dog for you.
Damon- aka Damian- is a 3yr old 75 pound love bucket! This handsome boy is full of energy but well behaved for a neutered lab mix! He will need a family to commit to him if he is to grow into a well appreciated companion...He already is crate and house trained, and does well on his leash walks.  
ARIEL is a 7 month old female spayed Lab mix, that weighs around 35 pounds.  she is alert and loves people and other animals.Ariel was in a southern shelter and her time was just about up when we were notified of her sweet nature and need for rescue. Ariel walks good on a leash, knows sit, and gets along great with other dogs- loves to play,play,play! Her coat is thick and soft, and she will likely remain on the smaller side when fully grown.  
Demi is a 3 year old Pure Bred Labrador Retriever.  She is a bit on the submissive side when around other dogs, yet gets along with all of them.  Demi has tons of potential for a family looking for a dog that would be the perfect companion for hikes, swims, and other adventures. Demi's most favorite game is fetch. She has been spayed and is up to date with all her shots. 
Tova is a young (less than year old) spayed female chocolate lab mix. She has a ton of potential, and her energy will serve her well with an active family. Hiking, skiing, swimming- Tova is up for it all.  She will need to be taught the finer points of basic manners, since her last home ignored her need for them.  She is a very outgoing forward dog, so she will do best with an owner experience in setting limits and holding her to them. The reward will be a faithful and loving companion. 
Sookie is a young adult female spayed lab mix.  She has lots of energy, has been house and crate trained and has some basic obedience skills.  She was surrendered by a NH family that found their work schedules just didn't give Sookie the time and attention she needed or deserved. Sookie is good with other dogs and has shown herself to be a happy spirited girl. She will do best with a family that is active and can provide her with quality time both in and out of doors.